Sunday, December 9, 2012

Make It Snappy

SnapChat, has reached the point in an app's life cycle where it is too popular for you not to know about. 

Just incase you missed the memo; SnapChat is the best of both worlds- Instagram and texting. Snap a picture, then chat it.. Get it? You can also draw things on your picture, write a funny caption, even set a timer for how long you want the recipient to receive your snap for. Once the time runs out, then the photo disappears... forever. (Unless the receiver takes a screenshot, that is). 

The fact that this app is number-three in the free downloads section of the Apple app store goes to show that I need to drop out of school and pursue an app-invention career. Seriously. Think about the last couple big app trends; SnapChat? DrawSomething? FatBooth? Society is pretty much begging for me to dig deep for the dumbest thing I can think of and make an app for it- and I’m up for the challenge. 

Any suggestions?

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