Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tumbling for Tumblr

With inspiration board sites on the rise, it's no surprise that Pinterest isn't the only 'pinning' site. Tumblr is a site similar to Pinterest, in that people are able to 're-pin,' or in Tumblr's case 're-blog,' others photos and inspiration. In my eyes, Tumblr blows any other social media site out of the water. Tumblr is also somewhat similar to Facebook, as users can 'follow' other users so their activity is published live in their dashboard/newsfeed, keeping track of their friend's every move. Tumblr is also a great blog site, as it is easier to use than most blog templates and blog generating sites. You can post your own pictures, reblog the pictures of others, voice your opinion through text boxes on your website and even message other Tumblr members.

It's amazing to think that all social media sites are so alike in their ideas and make. Facebook truly paved the way for social media sites, as Facebook's traits are favored by millions of users, impacting the way other companies have composed their newly released sites. Tumblr even has its own Iphone app so you can stay connected while on the go. So take some time out and invest some time to check out other people's Tumblrs or take a leap (a super fun leap!) and create your own. You can even check out my personal Tumblr to get inspiration!

WARNING: Tumblr is addicting.

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