Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be creative. Be engaging. Go viral.

"Be creative. Be engaging. Go viral.," is the slogan for the up and coming marketing company called Thinkmodo. Thinkmodo mashes up viral fun with marketing function to create effective viral video campaigns for brands. Their unique strategy generates tremendous online engagement and valuable earned media coverage worldwide. They are based in New York City and founded by writer-filmmakers and digital geeks James Percelay and Michael Krivicka. 

I first got a glimpse of this viral marketing company while watching the Today Show one morning. I had never heard of this company until they started playing snippets of their viral videos that I have seen in my Professor Taylor’s marketing class. Immediately I was intrigued because of my interest in e-marketing. I thought how perfect it was for filmmakers to embark in the marketing industry since anything going viral these days automatically generates buzz. Their videos for products like The Popinator or a watch by TechnoMarine automatically increased sales and traffic to websites just because of these viral videos. 

While searching through Thinkmodo’s website of all their viral videos, one that grabbed my attention was for the Technomarine watch. Thinkmodo actually created an underwater night club that one must see to believe. The link below directs you to the Vimeo website that has the video of an unbelievable transformation of a pool that becomes a fully stocked nightclub. Go ahead and click!

Do you think a viral video should be produced for all companies to gain tremendous online engagement? Or do you think this is just fad. Personally, I love these videos and who doesn’t want to get the people talking about your product! To me, Thinkmodo is brilliant for producing these videos and would not be surprised if more companies like Thinkmodo start popping up.

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