Friday, November 16, 2012

Reliable Web Hosting Thanks to Fatcow

Since learning about web hosting in my E-Marketing class, I took it upon myself to check out some web hosting sites that I may be interested in using. The one that caught my eye happened to be a site called Fatcow. Fatcow is a web hosting site most suitable for small businesses offering the best customer satisfaction and support, real value to your business, easy pricing, simple user-friendly options and personalized service to small businesses. 

The simplest option Fatcow offers is its 'MiniMoo' package, which helps users start off their site on the internet by providing them with their own domain name and email address priced at just $5 per year! The 'Original Fatcow Plan' includes disk space, bandwidth, easy to use site creation tools, easy to install blog and forums, free Google and Yahoo! advertising and selling options such as credit card and PayPal integration. This plan would be best suitable for small businesses as they strive to make a profit via the Internet. This package is priced at only $3.15 per month, how cheap!

So be sure to check out this awesomely-named site in your quest to create your own up and running website! 

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