Sunday, November 11, 2012

Instagram on the Internet

It's official. Instagram is no longer a strictly mobile app! Instagram has created mini-profiles for all of its users so that people can look through other's photos while on the web rather than their smart phone. This small fact has undoubtedly created a buzz, as many people enjoyed the mobile app and fear its online version will steer it towards that of Facebook. I have heard an array of complaints, especially when it comes to advertisements. While using Instagram, not one person has had to worry about viewing those annoying ads that pop up along their screen. But will Instagrams debut on the world wide Internet succumb itself to annoying ads?! Who knows but people are talking!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Instagram is nowhere near the capabilities of Facebook, as Instagram is not yet a full-blown site. Many of you probably aren't aware that you can view your own page by typing in username). The reality is that Instagram is not a site that you can visit to 'stalk' your friends, typing in their names and becoming friends. It has simply made a page for its users, showcasing your photos and information on a small scale webpage, such as the photo shown above^. But what does this mean for Instagram? It could mean that companies may jump on the mobile app bandwagon, creating their own page and passing it along to their consumers and fans! But who knows, Instagram may still have a long way to go before marketers are interested in showcasing themselves and their companies. Until then, let's enjoy Instagram for the simplicity it is known for; simple photo sharing!

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